Master of Theology

The goals of Master of Theology program are:

  1. to equip students with advanced biblical, theological and academic knowledge and research skills in their area of specialization for teaching and research in theological higher education and the Christian Community;
  2. to prepare students for further study at the Ph.D. or Th.D. level.

Core Concentrations

Biblical Studies (OT or NT)

Historical Theology (Church History)

Theological Studies (Systematic Theology or Philosophical Theology)

Practical Theology (Christian Education, Mission, Evangelism, Pastoral Theology)

Program Requirements

Completed Master of Divinity or M.A. plus M.Div. equivalent of 48 units

Basic Biblical Languages (Either Hebrew or Greek languages equivalent to 11 quarter  units)

Research Formatting (2 quarter units)

Bible Knowledge Test (waived for 2nd degree program at ITS)


Required Courses: (500 level)

Research Methodology – One (3 unit course)

Core Courses or Concentration  - Five (3 unit course)

Course #1 __________
Course #2 __________
Course #3 __________
Course #4 __________
Course #5 __________

Systematic Theology - Two (3 unit course)
        ST __________
        ST __________

Elective Courses: (500 level) Three (3 unit course)
       Elective #1 __________        
       Elective #2 __________  
       Elective #3 __________
Thesis:  Six (6) units __________