Master of Theology


There is a two-fold purpose for the Th.M program:
To equip students with advanced biblical, theological and academic knowledge and research skills in their area of specialization for teaching and research in theological higher education and the Christian community
To prepare students for further advanced study at the Ph.D or Th.D level

Core Concentration
Each student may choose one of the four major areas of concentration for the Th.M. program:
1) Biblical Studies (OT or NT)
2) Historical Theology (Church History)
3) Theological Studies (Systematic Theology or Philosophical Theology)
4) Practical Theology (Christian Education, Mission, Evangelism, Pastoral Theology/Leadership)

Program Design
During the first quarter of study, students must choose the concentration of studies (see the above 4 core concentrations) in which they are interested.
After choosing the area of study, students are required to take at least five (5) courses in their areas of concentration, two (2) courses in Systematic Theology and four (4) elective courses.
Students will be required to write a thesis (six units) on an approved topic in their areas of study.

Applicants for the Th. M. program must possess the M. Div. degree from an accredited institution or its equivalent. Applicants who have the M.A. degree also will be considered for admission, but, if admitted, they will be required to complete the M. Div. Equivalent program (48 units) first before taking Th. M. courses.

Requirements for the Th.M. Degree

  1. The completion of 39 units: 33 units through course work (equivalent to 11 courses) and 6 units through writing a thesis. Th. M. courses are normally three units.
  2. A grade point average of 2.67 or higher must be maintained and with no grade below a “B-.”
  3. If the program is followed on a full-time basis, the course work and thesis can normally be completed in two years. A student holding an M.A. degree may be allowed to complete all the requirements in three years, including the M. Div. Equivalent program.
  4. All requirements for the Th. M. degree must be completed within five years from the time of matriculation.
  5. In addition, the student who desires to receive the Th.M degree must complete the following before graduation:
  • Successfully passed the Bible Knowledge Test.
  • Settled all financial obligations with the ITS Administrative office.